If you need a poëm on demand, please contact me.

Yours truly,



Also available lyrics originaly written for you.

I am a Dutch poet who writes in two languages. Being Dutch and English.

Been published two times. Once in Dutch and an ebook in both English and Dutch.

I do write short stories, but mostly poetry and songs. The latest poetry was bundled in a Free ebook on wattpad.

More work can be found on Allpoetry.com  and gedichten.nl. Poetry runs through my vains since I was about 15 years old.

Been a singer for a decade or so. Had a few bands, and was able to improvise at jam sessions. Had a hard and rough life, but there's beauty in everything. My poetry is mainly ment to make people think or fiction that inspires. There is a lot of love I found and lost. Those are always a good topic too. I will send you some links to the poetry. Hope you enjoy my work.

I do write ondemand. If you lost a loved one or you are new happy parents, I can write you a poëm or lyrics going with music of your choice. If someone needs some comforting words please order my work. If there is a celebration let me know!

The price is around 10 euro a piece. Depending on how much time it takes. The max amount will be 20 euro.

Not happy with the choice of words? Let me know I'll give it another attempt.

Love to hear from you.

With kind regards,


Dennis Korthof.